Corporates Payments Innovation

Corporate Payments Innovation

Innovation in corporate payments is connecting the industry more than ever before

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Women In Trade Finance

Women In Trade Finance

Adeline de Metz and her Journey to Co-Head of Trade Finance & Working Capital Solutions

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Press Event on

Press Event on

UniCredit completes first transaction via blockchain based trading platform

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UniCredit #1 in Global Trade Service Provider

UniCredit #1 Global Trade Service Provider

UniCredit ranked #1 globally for "All Services","Products/Payments" and "Overall Execution" in new Best Services rankings

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18th Cash Management Survey 2019

Voting will be open until 10 of May 2019

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Global Transaction Banking

UniCredit is a simple, pan-European commercial bank providing unique access to Western, Central and Eastern Europe with an unrivalled strategic presence in 14 European core markets and an International Network spanning another 18 countries worldwide.

Global Transaction Banking (GTB) of UniCredit is always present to perform your commercial requests with the minimum fuss.
This applies equally to trade financing, documentary business, cash management, export finance and securities services.

We provide you cutting edge services - whatever you need, and wherever you need it. As one of the leading partners in the business, we can promise 100% commitment to serve you best. And we prove it - day by day.

The evolution of working capital management for MNCs and SMEs

Adeline de Metz, Global Co-Head of Trade and Working Capital Solutions at UniCredit, talks about the increasing demand for working capital solutions and the challenges faced by corporates against a backdrop of economic uncertainty and lengthening global supply chains.

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Building a Network of Networks

With solutions such as revolutionising supply-chain interactions, while others, such as Project Wilson, connect correspondent banks to facilitate working capital financing, Simone Del Guerra of UniCredit discusses the shifting landscape of correspondent banking and the possibility of combining corporate-to-corporate and bank-to-bank platforms to create a network of networks.

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Corporate Payments innovation is connecting the industry more than ever before

The challenge of payment innovation is no longer developing the technology – it’s keeping up with, utilising and properly securing it. Cédric Derras, Global Head of Cash Management at UniCredit, looks at how instant payments and SWIFT gpi accelerate cash, how open banking is creating unprecedented industry opportunity, and how security must be prioritised throughout.

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