Premium Collect

What can you expect?

Premium Collect is a customized, fast, and efficient collection method, supporting you to improve your management of incoming payments. The service enables a seamless, automated reconciliation without manual booking.
Premium Collect is especially designed for your organization or institution, which:

  • Has a big quantity of clients buying their goods and services;
  • Receives a large number of crediting transfers; and
  • Covers a large number of legal entities paying into a centralized main account.

Customized Reports
Adjusted to individual requirements, your company can receive customized electronic reports, ready to be imported into your systems.

How does it work?

With UniCredit’s Premium Collect, your company efficiently receives complete information on:

  • Which of your customers has paid?
  • When did your customer pay?
  • For what – and how much – did your customer pay?

What’s in it for you?

  • You speed up the reconciliation process – error-free.
  • You decrease resources devoted to receivable reconciliation.
  • As there are no paper documents needed, you decrease costs.
  • You increase your automated reconciliation success rate.

Liudmila Drozdea
Head of Cash Management and Acquiring in CEE Global Transaction Banking