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Supply Chain on SWIFT - Autumn 2014 Newsletter
November 2014

Stay tuned to the latest news on SWIFT. Read more on UniCredit's successes in the Bank Payment Obligation (BPO) business and watch our How-To Video and find out how BPOs works.


Trade & Supply Chain Finance - Special Report 2014
September 2014

The trade finance market is at an exciting crossroads,and opportunities abound. For instance, the barriers to trade are falling in places they have stood for decades. In China, we are seeing impressive growth in the adoption of RMB (renminbi) by international exporters, and we expect this will be a game changer in the market. Jonathan Bells of TXF talks with Alfredo Bresciani, Head of International Trade finance Sales, at UniCredit.


Efficient supply chain management: Local expertise, implemented globally
September 2014

Centralisation can create efficiencies for some elements of global supply chains, yet this shouldn’t be at the expense of local expertise, says Sebastian Hölker, Head of Innovative Trade Products at UniCredit.


The Future of Supply Chain Management is Both Global and Local
July 2014

Many assume that globalised supply chains come hand-in-hand with the centralisation of management processes. But this doesn’t make sense for all aspects of the supply chain, and in a globalised economy, local expertise is increasingly important and each supply chain needs to be approached according to their individual characteristics, argues Sebastian Hölker, Head of Innovative Trade Products at UniCredit.


Bank Payment Obligation
June 2014

“Bank Payment Obligation (BPO) The answer to the demand of a new payment instrument“.
World trade volumes have seen a startling increase in open account transaction over the recent years. Already today more than 80% of the total world trade volume is settled by clean payment. This impressive ratio is expected to grow even further in the future. As a consequence banks are compelled to offer their corporate clients products that support fully automated processing as well as cost savings combined with payment assurance and financing options. Bank Payment Obligation (BPO) is the answer to the demand of a new payment instrument.


Bank Payment Obligations, are yet to take off, but here’s why they will

Bank Payment Obligations have the potential to save corporates time and money, yet take-up has been slow since they were created in 2007.
Oliver Spitz, Senior Trade Finance Manager at UniCredit, explains why more corporates are waking up to the benefits of BPOs.


Innovation sourcing - How banks can level the playing field for true innovation
March 2014

As procurement moves centre-stage for corporates looking for product innovation and value creation, banks can play a vital role in facilitation, writes Dr Sebastian Hölker, Head of Innovative Trade Products at UniCredit.


Global Trade Management Video
20. Februar 2014

Die Kombination von Zahlungsverkehrsprodukten sowie traditionellen und innovativen (Außen-)Handelsprodukten ist zur Working Capital Optimierung von entscheidender Bedeutung. Sie werden unter dem Begriff Global Trade Management zusammengefasst. In unserem Video werden die Zusammenhänge auf einfache Weise erklärt.


TPS Easy Kick-off
20. Februar 2014

Der revolvierende Forderungsankauf hat sich als Ergänzung und Alternative zum "üblichen" Kontokorrentkredit etabliert. Er  ist  einfach in der Handhabung, dient der zeitnahen und flexiblen Liquiditätsbeschaffung und hilft bei der Optimierung des Forderungsmanagement. Er gehört in Europa inzwischen zu einem der bedeutendsten Finanzierungsinstrumente für mittelständische Unternehmen.


UniCredit is "Best Trade Finance Provider 2014" in CEE and many other countries
22. January 2014

The renowned magazine "Global Finance" has named UniCredit for the 7th year as "Best Trade Finance Provider” in CEE, as well as in several countries. 
UniCredit was also named # 1 in:

  • Best Trade Finance Provider in Austria
  • Best Trade Finance Provider in Italy
  • Best Trade Finance Provider in Bulgaria
  • Best Trade Finance Provider in Czech Republic
  • Best Trade Finance Provider in Ukraine
  • Full article


Markus Wohlgeschaffen, Head of Global Trade Finance & Services, has been nominated Vice-Chair of the Global Trade Industry Council (GTIC) 
09. January 2014


"Die Bank Payment Obligation (BPO) – ein neues Werkzeug zur Vereinfachung des grenzüberschreitenden Handels"
18. Oktober 2013

"Transformational evolution in trade finance: technology meets business proposition in the new Bank Payment Obligation"
WTO Public Forum, 2 October, 2013

"Supply Chain Finance: Ein Versuch zur Entmystifizierung eines altbekannten Konzepts"