UniCredit Bank SA

Address: Sector 1, Bd. Expozitiei No.1F 012101 Bucuresti

+40 21

UniCredit Bank SA is part of UniCredit.

In Romania, UniCredit Bank SA is one of the main financial institutions, providing services and quality products for all client categories. UniCredit Bank SA aims to be customer centered, an easy to deal with partner and also very active in the communities in which operates.

UniCredit is present on the Romanian market through its partners: UniCredit Leasing Corporation, UniCredit CAIB Romania, UniCredit Insurance Broker, Pioneer Asset Management, UniCredit Consumer Financing (UCFin) and UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions (UBIS).

Global Transaction Banking (GTB)

UniCredit Bank SA offers the following comprehensive GTB products and services:

Cash Management

  • current account services with flexible account structures, foreign currency exchange, term and overnight deposits, account statements sent via SWIFT, cash sweeping
  • outgoing and incoming transfer services with flash payment, processing MT101 type transactions and CustomsLink
  • collection solutions with cashing-in collection, collection of bills at the teller, collection through direct debit, intrabanking direct debiting, ATM collection, BNA (banknote acceptor machine) collection, alternative collection channels and reconciliation files
  • electronic banking with BusinessNet and MultiCash
  • debit cards, credit cards

Trade Finance

  • documentary letters of credit with irrevocable letters of credit, available for sight payment, deferred payment, acceptance or negotiation; irrevocable transferable, back to back, revolving or red clause letters of credit; assignment of proceeds resulting from letters of credit; confirmation of export letters of credit; commercial/financial document discounting under letters of credit available by deferred payment; commercial/financial document negotiation under letters of credit available by sight payment
  • letters of guarantees with bid bonds, performance guarantees, advance payment guarantees, warranty bonds, customs bonds; financial guarantees such as payment guarantees, stand-by letters of credit, credit securities
  • documentary collection to obtain payment and/or acceptance (of drafts/bills), delivery of documents against payment and/or acceptance, delivery of documents against other terms and conditions

Structured Trade and Export Finance

  • purchase of receivables for the financing of deferred payment terms granted by a supplier (seller of receivables) to the off-taker on a non-recourse/recourse basis (including forfaiting)
  • financing of an importer for the acquisition of capital goods or turnkey projects, covered by an export credit agency, private risk insurances
  • tailor-made solutions for commodities trade flows, financing of purchase, transport, warehousing and sale of commodities or intermediate products by trading houses


  • custody client relationships
  • safekeeping for local and foreign instruments
  • settlement
  • corporate action information with proxy voting and income collection (coupons, dividends)
  • depository bank activities (NAV calculation for investment funds)

Global Financial Institutions and Correspondent Banking

  • LORO RON account and clearing services
  • payment services in the local market
  • treasury transactions
  • settlement of custody transactions
  • on-line facilities to LORO accounts
  • consultancy