UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, a.s., pobočka zahraničnej banky

Address: Šancová 1/A 813 33 Bratislava

+421 2 4950

UniCredit Bank Slovakia a. s. was established by merger of UniBanka, a. s. and HVB Bank Slovakia a. s. in April, 2007. Both banks operated on the Slovak market more than 17 years already and they built an exceptional reputation in several fields. Since December 2013, UniCredit Bank in the Czech Republic and in the Slovak Republic provides banking products and services under a single trade name UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, a.s. In Slovakia the new bank’s name will be supplemented by the words foreign bank branch (UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, a.s. – pobočka zahraničnej banky).

Through one of the largest networks in Slovakia we are close to our customers in all regions. We cover the financial needs of individuals, businessmen and companies. We also offer exclusive services to the private banking customers.

UniCredit Bank belongs to the leaders in corporate funding in the Slovak banking sector. We serve all market segments. The global international companies, supranational and foreign companies, mid size corporates, developer companies, firms in agribusiness as well as the firms in financial sector represent our clientele.

It is our competitive advantage that we are a part of the strongest banking group in Central and Eastern Europe. Therefore we use the approach that enables the harmonization of trading terms and the way of service provided to the large international customers. It means that we are able to serve these customers on the same level and in the same way as they are used to in their own countries.

Global Transaction Banking (GTB)

UniCredit Bank Slovakia offers the following GTB products and services:

Trade and export financing

  • documentary letters of credit
  • documentary collection and bill collection
  • bank guarantees
  • forfaiting
  • discount and co-acceptance of bills
  • financing of receivables
  • export support programs

Cash management and e-banking

  • payment systems
  • automatic overnight
  • cash pooling
  • electronic banking


  • keeping the accounts of securities owners
  • transfers of securities
  • blocked accounts
  • administration and custody of securities
  • depository services for investment and pension funds

In 2009, the renowned international magazine Global Investor named UniCredit Bank Slovakia as “Best Sub-Custodian”.

Treasury Sales

  • mediation of trading and business information from the interbank market
  • deals in financial market products
  • deposit transactions
  • products for hedging against undesirable movements of interest rates
  • money market derivatives
  • currency transactions
  • products for hedging against undesirable movements of exchange rates
  • foreign-exchange market derivatives
  • securities deals
  • structured and specialised deposit products