Co-operation Agreements

In striving to give our best assistance to large but also medium and small corporates, GTB’s business line Transactional Sales & Trade Services has a special Team dedicated to helping customers to widen their presence abroad to carry out their import-export activities and/or the setting up of a foreign subsidiary or branch is made possible through our presence in 50 markets in the world either directly or with foreign branches and representative offices.
Furthermore, to even enhance the aim of widening the Group’s capability to provide its clientele with both traditional banking products and tailor-made distinctive solutions, the Co-operation Agreement Team is devoted to negotiate Cooperation Agreements for referral customers with first-class foreign Bank Partners, following the philosophy of identifying and/or confirming preferential banking partners that could substantially enhance our support to clients worldwide - especially in those geographical areas where we do not have a full branch presence.
Said Agreements have the aim of facilitating, streamlining and simplifying the access of the two Partners’ customers to the respective banks’ networks, and are also active in reverse, ready to welcome customers introduced by our Partner Banks and interested in opening accounts with our Group’s banks either as non-resident entities or as subsidiaries of foreign parent companies. 

In both cases the best assistance is provided to our respective customers via:

assuring competitive prices
a wide range of extremely diversified products and services



Mr. Giuseppe Sammarco
Head of FI Cash Sales