Euro Clearing Services

What can you expect?

We are direct participants and/or shareholders in all euro clearing and settlement systems such as TARGET2 and EBA (EURO1, STEP1 and STEP2). Additionally, UniCredit is a settlement member in the CLS system (Continuous Linked Settlement) for the whole Group to settle foreign exchange transactions. Furthermore, a large worldwide network of correspondent banks and a sizeable portfolio of Loro accounts provide the necessary infrastructure to clear payments in our own books.

How does it work?

Automated repair system

Streamline your processing and save fees.

Guaranteed OUR service

Fixed OUR fees without any additional claims.

Customer quality reports

Reduce your costs and improve your operational efficiency.

Reporting services

Detailed and complete account reporting solutions.

Flexible billing options

Control and manage your correspondent banking fees.

What’s in it for you?

Benefit from our long-standing experience: Traditionally, UniCredit Group has been maintaining traditionally a leading position in the payments and clearing markets. Reduce costs and gain enhanced operational efficiency.

Mr. Michele Gentile
Head of FI Clearing Sales

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