What can you expect?

EuropeanGate can be linked to any existing eBanking solution. You select the location you want to use as your single point of entry. Via your banking portal at your UniCredit principal bank, you currently obtain direct online access to all Group and partner banks in Central and Eastern Europe.

How does it work?

  • You send us your payment orders (transfers and direct debits)
  • We handle conversion into more cost-efficient national formats and rerouting for you
  • Taking the payment type requirement into account, this tool allows you to manage your foreign accounts just as if you were in your home country

* Please note that the payment files with Pekao can be exchanged via European Gate

What’s in it for you?

  • You will save costs, because your company will have fewer banking software products to license and document
  • Your will save time and effort, because the overall handling of your banking transactions will be accelerated through access and format standardization
  • Your employee training sessions will be shorter and less frequent
  • You will need only one contract with your bank - at the location where you have your central point of entry. In Germany, your contractual partner will thus be UniCredit Bank AG
  • You will not need to set up an accounting unit in every country
  • EuropeanGate supports both national and global formats and can be integrated into any eBanking infrastructure
  • A dedicated SAP extension will not be required
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