UC eBanking prime

What can you expect?

Our UC eBanking prime solution is multi-bank compatible and designed to accommodate the most recent standards in domestic and international payments. As opposed to many other applications in the field of electronic banking, our technology is not portal solution based.

How does it work?

Your banking data is stored locally, as the UC eBanking prime server is installed within your intranet as a web application. In practice this means, once the application has been installed, all authorized workstations from the different parts of the company and from different locations can access the system. Communication with, and data transfer to, the banks is carried out through EBICS, the new standardized, secure, web-based transfer protocol. Therefore, the system can be basically integrated into any database environment and, if required, can also be linked up with your ERP system.

What’s in it for you?

Importing and exporting data is seamless, extremely easy to handle, and fully automated. You will profit from this highly efficient, cost-efficient tool in your daily workflow.

Additional information