Structured Trade & Export Finance (STEF)

What can you expect?

In the context of export finance, commodity trade finance, and receivable finance, our services comprise the structuring of transactions and the provision of add-on services (such as research products, etc.):

  • Access to our vast worldwide network which provides the best connections in all of the regions you are doing business with
  • Presence and local knowledge in the key importing markets all over the world
  • Customized financing and end-to-end solutions (e.g., structured purchase of receivables)
  • Solid and long-term relationship with export credit agencies

Structured Trade & Export Finance

Export Finance
  • Specialized arrangement and advisory for financing the exports of capital goods and related services focusing on emerging and newly industrialized countries
  • Broad experience with worldwide exports
  • Established and proven relationships with key financial institutions and importers in several countries
  • Advantage of access to national and international assistance schemes and insurance instruments
  • Wide product range comprising all varieties and combinations of medium- and long-term financing, including: Buyers’s credit (with/without ECA cover), downpayment and financing of local costs, Framework Agreements, Multisourcing in Export Finance, Kyoto Protocol
Commodity Trade Finance
  • Transaction-related, short-term financing backed by the underlying commodities and documents
  • Financing of international commodity flows from origin to destination covering all stages in the commodity chain: supply, transportation, and storage of goods as well as to sales to off takers
  • Dealing with emerging markets and mitigating the related country and counterparty risks
  • Hedging of commodity price risk, producer finance, or selected commodities in origin markets
  • Facilities for corporate finance purposes, based on stocks and receivables of the company
Structured Trade Finance

Purchase of receivables which is an off-balance product for the financing of deferred payments granted by an exporter to a buyers of products, leading to:

  • Immediate liquidity;
  • Balance sheet optimization for you as the seller of receivables; and
  • Transfer of political and commercial risk to UniCredit.