SWIFTNet for Corporates

SWIFTNet for Corporates

UniCredit has full capabilities, in terms of SWIFT messaging, including both FIN and FileAct. By combining SWIFTNet for corporates with EuropeanGate, you have the option of initiating international and domestic payments via a single point of entry within our network.

What can you expect?

Profound SWIFT knowledge and experience:

  • We have over 100 corporate SWIFT accesses implemented
  • SWIFT Bank Ready Advanced Certification
  • Since 2003, we are one of the first banks to offer FileAct to its corporate customers, and we are always on the cutting edge with regard to the latest SWIFT offerings to corporates

How does it work?

With us, you get full connectivity to the SWIFTNet network for many different messaging services which are demanded for communication between you as a corporate and your corresponding financial institutions:

  • Messages for payments, trade, treasury, reporting, and securities
  • Data exchange within the SWIFT network, both cross-border and cross-bank (with the highest standards of security and availability)
  • Exchange of payment messages and files over a single infrastructure
  • Usage of other services for trade, FX, or money market operations
Extensive Messaging Services:
  • FIN and FileAct
  • Store and forward, as well as real-time
  • Local and international formats (MT101, XML-ISO 20022, EdiFact, SAP-Idoc, etc.)
  • File format conversion services
  • Trade messages MT798 via FIN and FileAct

What’s in it for you?

There is only one single SWIFT contract required:

  • You reduce costs, risks, and administration
  • SCORE, MA-CUG, and TRCO are supported
  • You standardize your communication and payment processing
  • You increase the straight-through processing (STP)
  • You optimize the cash and liquidity management
  • You streamline your operations
  • You extend your global reach


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