UC eBanking Asia / USA

What can you expect?

If you run subsidiaries in the US, Hong Kong, or China mainland, the world can be even more linked now. With UC eBanking Asia / USA your head office and its local subsidiary will stay in close touch; both of them will use the electronic banking services of UniCredit. The efficiency, security, and reliability of your organization and its coordination increase – both in your company’s headquarters and abroad.

How does it work?

UC eBanking offers the full suite of eBanking functionalities and, at the same time, directs the user through its modern architecture and through the payment instructions and statement reports in a self-explanatory manner. Being set up as a portal solution, UC eBanking Asia/USA guarantees simple and secure access. Also, having the choice to be welcomed by a dashboard window which gives an instant overview of balances, outstanding payment approvals, and other alerts leaves you, as the user, in a comfortable position to control all activities at any time. Furthermore, UC eBanking Asia/USA provides a customizable import/export interface for facilitated integration with our client, ERP solution.

What’s in it for you?

  • You use customized solutions for a more convenient management of foreign accounts
  • An intuitive, self-explanatory portal solution makes your business easier. No additonal hardware or software is required
  • You profit from a significant reduction of paperwork, making banking tasks more efficient
  • A much higher level of security through advanced entitlements and electronic signatures meets your requirements
  • You always have on-demand historic banking information at hand
  • You get quick help – via Internet, e-mail or individual relationship managers
Country-specific added value:
  • China – both Chinese and English as system languages, CNAPS bank intelligent search
  • HK – Trade Finance module in addition
  • US – Trade Finance module, check services, and user self-administration
Additional information