(SEPA) Settlement Services

What can you expect?

Since the introduction of SEPA compliance in the euro area, UniCredit S.p.A. facilitates its financial institution and payment institution clients to access the SEPA environment, covering also some Italian niche payment services, such as F24, MAV RAV.

How does it work?

With this innovative model, UniCredit S.p.A. performs all settlement activities of daily balances for financial institution and payment institution clients as indirect participants of a UniCredit dedicated technical BIC address.

What’s in it for you?

Thanks to the unique combination of know-how and experience in the payment systems market, UniCredit S.p.A. - in cooperation with its best-of-breed technological partner - acts as gateway to our correspondent banks for settlement in Euro payment systems. We enable you to send and receive SEPA-compliant transactions without the need to directly participate in payment systems or make major investments.

Additional information