Trade Finance

Francesca Nenci

Global Co-Head of Trade Finance

"Our clients are international and so are we!"

What can you expect?

If you – as an importer or exporter of goods – have to deal with the prepayment of goods to be shipped, you may wish to reduce the risks. In this case, we can assist you by providing a whole range of services. For example: letters of credit, loans, factoring, forfaiting, and documentary collection.
We offer our correspondent banks international Trade Finance capabilities with a significant understanding of the European market.

How does it work?

As one of the world’s internationally most diversified bank groups, we are your single entry point to the interwoven payment structures in and between the respective markets. Whenever we get involved, we interconnect people and technology to establish an optimal process.
Our Trade Finance Services Experts act as single entry point vis-à-vis our banking counterparts, identifying the market business opportunities in order to close strategic partnerships.

What’s in it for you?

You profit from highly verifiable and secure risk mitigation models to lower your risks. Aside from that, you can streamline your payment processes and foster your efficiency.
Based on a customer-centric approach, implemented by a network that operates in multiple markets through our deeply rooted local banks, our business model is focused on strong specialization and clear segmentation in order to fully exploit all the key competencies within the Group to better serve our customers and business partners.