Sibos 2016

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Thanks a lot for a very successful SIBOS. To find out more about UniCredit, please have a look at the videos and articles below.

Watch our videos:

Susanna Scheffold - Global Finance Interview

Raphael Barisaac - Fintech Finance Interview

Gianfranco Bisagni - UniCredit is well in demand

Paolo Spada - Head of CEE GTB

Simone Del Guerra - The Banking System is in a revolution period

Stephanie Kraus - More and more seniors are coming to SIBOS



Read on for more:

Going Global, Going Digital - A Treasurer's Guide

Turning the ship around - Interview with Raphael Barisaac

Advancing the digital agenda - Gianfranco Bisagni

UniCredit streamlines know your costumer data collection with SWIFT's KYC Registry - Michael Köhn & Luca Piccione

Common standards are critical for depositary banks to meet due diligence demands - Susanna Scheffold

BPO - quo vadis? - Raphael Barisaac

Fintechs and banks: From competition to collaboration - Gabriele Marksteiner