13 7 BANKS AS ADVISORS DIGITALIZATION CREATES OPPORTUNITIES FOR BANKS TO OFFER TAILORED SERVICES Of course corporates will also be looking to incorporate their own digital technology into their systems Implementing these new platforms and services will necessitate increased interaction between procurement sales and financing departments Yet in this process treasury departments are the obvious leaders As such treasuries will naturally gain strategic importance within corporates helping them build an overview of the business and operating environment that informs strategy Banks can play an important advisory role here guiding corporates through the products and offering advice on how these might meet their needs as well as how best to take advantage of these products And such a role doesn t end with the buyers Employees in all departments will benefit from education on the value of new digital products and how they will affect their roles Beyond education banks can also add value to their clients by helping with the implementation of digital products Many firms will be keen to minimise disruption to their core processes and banks can play a critical role in understanding their workflow and coming up with a simple solution for implementation

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